MEDIA (4502)

September 1, 2017

Fundamental Analysis

  1. Media Prima Berhad is the leading fully-integrated media company in Malaysia.

  2. The group business decrease significantly due to rising of internet era. A lot of local business are moving their advisement from local broadcast to global channel like Google, Facebook and Youtube which able to cover different/wider of consumer.

  3. The group announced -RM 171,374/= in FY2017

  4. However, MORGAN STANLEY & CO. LLC is buying and increase their holding of Media Prima Berhad which spark my attention on the said shares.

  5. DY  : 11.43% (It might change significant due to The Group don't declare dividend in August 2017)

  6. NTA : RM 1.123

Technical Analysis

  1. The counter drop to new history low price RM 0.665 @ 16/08/2017.

  2. RSI - oversold phase

  3. MACD - Increase in buying momentum

  4. Must wait more significant indicator to buy in the counter.







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