BONIA (9288)

July 22, 2017

 It is a good study case for the shares investment for candlestick charting.



  1. There are 2 trend-line and cross each other at 0.649. When BONIA tested the uptrend line and cannot hold/bounce and it continuous drop further down.

  2. BONIA entered a downtrend with 150 50 30 MA with bearish signal.

  3. RSI and MACD also shown a bearish signal.

  4. DATO' SRI CHIANG FONG SENG and CHIANG SANG SEM (High management of BONIA) entered market to support shares prices but the market don't stand with their side.

  5. There is a long tail candlestick @ 21/07/2017 which shown high sell pressure on BONIA

  6. Thus BONIA might try to test on 0.579 in near future.

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