EWINT (5283) - Technical and Fundamental Analysis

Technical Analysis


- EWINT shares price declined since it's IPO day with opening price RM1.310 on April 4, 2017.

- The largest loss of shares price at 45%, RM0.60 on Aug 23, 2018.

- After EWINT shares price completed double bottom shaper (W-Shape), it starts to re-bounce and breakout multi-level of resistance.

- A significant buying force entered EWINT counter on Nov 25, 2019, which lead an extended 5th wave of Elliott Wave.

- However, it looks like EWINT shares prices meet a short-term high and need a consolidation period for continuous trend.

- If EWINT shares price cant sustain above RM0.90, it will have a significant retracement of about +/-8% (RM0.869) from the recent highest RM0.945.

- Resistance (2): RM1.000

- Resistance (1): RM0.935

- Support (1): RM0.869

- Support (2): RM0.825

Fundamental Analysis


a) Overview

- Based on EWINT last 4Q financial results, we have no doubt that EWINT is an emerging company with significant growth in revenue.

- Based on our own methodology, EWINT corporate value is RM0.584

- Estimated shares with average PE cum last 4Q EPS is RM0.620

- The current EWINT shares price is expensive compared to our own valuation.

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