SUPERLN (7235) - Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis


- Due to lower net revenue in quarter announcement Q32019, SUPERLN opened the gap down 10.24% and closed at RM1.130 on Mar 25, 2019.

- Furthermore, it was breaking out the consolidation box on May 24, 2019.

- Based on the consolidation box (Yellow in color) as a measurement reference , the decline in SUPERLN shares price met 77.5% which fulfills the Fibonacci retracement level, 0.786.

- There is a significant buying force entered market on Sept 25, 2019, and closed SUPERLN share price at RM0.915.

- SUPERLN tried to challenge RM1.018 between Nov 16-17, 2019 but it fails to breakout RM1.018.

- Although SUPERLN closed red on Nov 13, 2019, we noticed there is no volume that supports the decline of shares price so we believe buying force still don't leave the counter yet.

- Resistance level (2): RM1.140

- Resistance level (1): RM1.018

- Support level (1): RM0.970

- Support level (2): RM0.915


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