PTARAS (9598)

Technical Analysis


- PTARAS completed double top reversal on Aug 129 2018. (Duration: 1079 Trading Days / 3 years). It will have a great impact on shares price movement.

- It reduced from peak with 48.10% since July 06, 2017.

- There are 2 huge transaction volume on June 09, 2017 (High Volume-1) and April 04, 2018 (High Volume-2) respectively.

- Same significant transaction volume happened on April 04,2011 but PTARAS shares much lower level.

- Based on transaction volume, investors/tycoon are leaving PTARAS counter.

- Never catch falling knife.......

Fundamental Analysis


Market Prospect Ratios

- EPS shares decrease significantly in past 5 years. (Highest: 33.90 cents ; Lowest: 9.40 cents) which impact PTARAS shares price decease from peaks

- From dividend payout ratio, PTARAS is a good dividend payout counter as it maintains above 50% in past 5 years. Additional, PTARAS paid 20cents compare to EPS 9.40 cents (Payout ratios: 212.77%)

- It is a great news for dividend investors but we need to aware on the dividend traps as well. Capital lost might vanish dividend income for PTARAS counter.

Profitability Ratio

- From top view, PTARAS profitability is deteriorating seriously in past 5 years records

- It is alarming for sustainability of business.

Efficiency Ratio

- PTARAS able to maintain good business efficiency in term of collection and asset turnover.

- Day's Sales in Inventory increase in the past 5 years due to lower in COGS which lead by lower sales in past 5 years

Liquidity Ratio/Solvency Raio

- There is n significant issues in liquidity ratio and solvency ratio.

- PTARAS able to meet any short-term and long-term obligations.


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