ULICORP (7133) - Technical and Fundamental Analysis

Technical Analysis


- ULICORP achieved record high at RM4.502 on June 26, 2016 and it drops significantly (-49.89%) after 27 trading days.. Forever...Never See The Highest again... It is a good study case for investment.

- After 7 months, it bounced +42.65% from bottom RM2.306 to top RM3.271 within 3.5 months. U will supper happy with this return. But...

- Ironically, it dropped -22.81% with 3.5 months and bounced +17.94% with 9 days. Roller coaster shares movement.

- If invest without technical analysis and based on fundamental purely, we unable to escape from the downtrend

- If you try to average purchase price in the past....Another bad experience..

- There is a huge transaction volume on Aug 19, 2016 and ULICORP shares price drop -49.89%. It reflected tycoons was selling ULICORP shares to other investors. Another crocodile story in shares market.

Fundamental Analysis


- ULICORP unable to present positive income from operation activities/core business activities. (Cash flow from Operation activities: -RM18M)

- We need to avoid to invest into a company which unable generate positive income from operation activities.

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