SAPRNG (5218) - Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis


- SAPRNG failed to challenge EMA20, downward trends and gap down on 14.01.2019. Then, SAPRNG shares price further decreased in next three trade days.

- However, SAPRNG able to closed above uptrend trend (Red in color line) with inverted hammer candlestick and higher transaction volume in past three trading days. SAPRNG still in uptrend movement.

- SAPNRG share price decreased from RM0.3050 but RSI still in moderate mode which indicated RSI and shares price movement in inverse relation.

- Besides, SAPRNG share price seen like to completed bottow W-shape in next trading days.

- Resistance R2 @ RM0.380

- Resistance R1 @ RM0.335

- Support, S1 @ RM0.300

- Support, S2 @ RM0.275


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