BPLANT (5254)

Technical Analysis


- BPLANT share price decrease significant since 06.09.2018 (After Dividend Payout)

- All moving average line is downward which indicate a strong selling pressure.

- However, BPLANT share price bounced back at RM0.935 and hit RM0.980. After it opened with gap down RM0.970

- It is trying to complete a bottom W shape in future.

- RSI is neutral

- MACD is neutral

Fundamental Analysis


- Target Price in past 3 months: RM1.220

- BPLANT ROE is better than peers in Plantation sectors.

- BPLANT PE is outperform peers due to it shares dropped from highest price (-30%). It indicated BPLANT enter bearish period.

- BPLANT PE improves since 2014 but BPLANT EPE drops significantly

- Expecting BPLANT ROE TQ42018 unable to overcome TQ2017

- Based on BPLANT Revenue & Profit TQ32018, it is expecting to record higher than TQ42017.

- Due to Palm Crude Oil decrease significantly since 2017 and break lowest level RM2000/MT which will lead a great impact on BPLANT revenue and profit in 2018

- Palm Oil cloased @ RM1775/MT on Friday November 16.


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