STAR (6084)

Fundamental Analysis

  1. STAR is the leading Media & Publishing company in Malaysia.

  2. The core business decrease steadily due to rising of internet era. A lot of consumer prefer to read news via e-newspaper compare to hard copy news-paper which lead local business are moving their advisement from local broadcast to global channel like Google, Facebook and Youtube which able to cover different/wider of consumer.

  3. Recently, revenue, cash reverse and dividend payout increase significantly due to disposal of Cityneon which is one time off earning.

  4. NTA : RM 1.39

  5. DY : 26.28% due to special dividend payout.

  6. However, history payout record is stable (Around 19 sen).

  7. ETA current DY% is 13.86% with share price @ RM 1.37

  8. Most of shareholder is institutional player which is hardly control by minor speculator to control share prices

Technical Analaysis

  1. STAR decrease near to 36.06% since 09 May'17

  2. Current trading price @ 11/09/2017 is RM1.37 which is 2% discount of NTA RM 1.39.

  3. Support/high buying volume @ 05/09/2017 - 06/09/2017

  4. Support line(1): RM 1.299

  5. Support line(2): RM 1.150

  6. Resistance line(1): RM 1.44

  7. Resistance line(2): RM 1.63


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