FBMKLCI - technical analysis with money supply perspective


  1. With money supply theory:-

  • M0 = cash in hand

  • M1 = cash in hand + Checking Account balance/Current Account Balance

  1. With the movement of M0/M1 @ 01/01/2017, FBMKLCI entered a upward trend for past 6 month period. Thus, we able to conclude that MO/M1 is positive related with FBMKLCI moving.

  2. In July 2017, M0/M1 shown lower record which matched with FBMKLCI moved downward started in July.

  3. Thus, FBMKLCI wish to challenge higher level in future need to rely on M0/M1 movement.

Technical Analysis

  1. Triangle pattern with bearish, FBMKLCI dropped near to 0.84%

  2. However, it recover back to resistance(1).

  3. RSI is sloping upward

  4. MACD indicated positive buying momentum.

  5. Therefore, FBMKLCI need to have consolidation phase with narrow moving within resistance(1).


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