AEMULUS (0181)

Fundamental Analysis

  1. AEMULUS (the group) involved in Industrial/Comm solution/Products.

  2. Due to boost in technology business segment, the group entered growth phase since beginning of 2017.

  3. PE ration is 74.39% which is higher than industrial peers.

  4. NTA is RM 0.16 compare with current price RM 0.61 @ 30/08/2017 which is the share traded higher with 281.25%.

  5. ROE is 5.19 which is lower than industrial peers.

  6. Based on latest un-audited financial statement @ 30/06/2017:-

  • Significant increase of receivables from RM 1,969,000/= to RM 10,739,000/= which might indicated the group gave very good credit term to their client to sustain their market share.

  • Negative cash flows from operating activities which indicated that their core operation don't generate income to the group.

  • The group increased their borrowing level compare to FY2016

  • The group also increase their market segment in Singapore significantly.

  1. Major of shareholding is individual which might lead to manipulation of price in future.

Technical Analysis

  1. Triangle pattern with bearish momentum which lead the price drop from it's upward trend line.

  2. MACD showed a slight increase of buying momentum.

  3. RSI haven enter oversold phase.

  4. Save zone to enter the counter @ 0.55

  5. Cut loss @ 0.455

  6. If FBMKLCI enter bearish segment, the counter will drop significantly.

  7. Thus, the counter is suitable for speculation investment only.


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