CBOE Volatility Index (VIX)


  1. The CBOE's Volatility Index, known by its ticker symbol VIX, is a popular measure of the impliedvolatility of S&P 500 index options, calculated and published by the Chicago Board Options Exchange(CBOE). It is colloquially referred to as the fear indexor the fear gauge.

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  1. VIX is a strong index which showed market sentiment and perspective on share market.

  2. VIX increase (up) - global market index will decrease (down)

  3. VIX decrease (down) - global market index will increase (up)

Latest new interpretation

  1. There was no sign of easing tensions between the United States and North Korea, and North Korea threatened to attack Guam and US President Trump immediately responded strongly.

  2. Thus, VIX increase significantly due to the news. All global index responded negatively on the politically risk

  3. When VIX increase, we can keep in view on GOLD and Oil price movement.


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