CMMT (5180) - follow up

As per 15/07/2017



  1. If the shares price able to hold @ 1.55, it might challenge next level at 1.60

  2. MACD, RSI and volume seen not enough to push the price high on coming week. Thus, try to buy in as near as trend line to have more safe zone.



  1. Refer to RSI/MACD indicatior, CMMT have greater selling pressure in near future.

  2. AMANAHRAYA TRUSTEES BERHAD-AMANAH SAHAM BUMIPUTERA disposed 6,004,300 units from 19/07/2017 to 24/07/2017. Total no of securities after change in percentage 12.041%

  3. Fair value loss/(gain) of investment properties (net) as per 19/07/2017 recorded (11,773) which have a great impact on profit before tax.

  4. If we excluded the fair value loss/(gain) of investment properties(net) from calculation, Net cash generated from operating activities just drop 0.8%. Thus, long term perspective still unchanged.

  5. EX-date is 01/08/2017 and it is a norm for a shares to have further selling pressure as dividend payout need to be adjusted and reflect on share price.

  6. As a conclusion, please buy in safe zone from 1.508 to 1.537 or buy in bearish zone of MACD/RSI.


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