TIENWAH (7374)

Technical Analysis

  1. 150 MA bullish

  2. 50 MA 30 MA bearish

  3. Three MA line tend to merge which showed correction/turning point of share price

  4. MACD strong bullish

  5. RSI strong bullish

  6. Good sign in MACD and RSI but there is no volume of transaction support the share price.

Fundamental analysis

  1. More than 5% DY

  2. Continuous profitable quarter for 10 years

  3. Year over year profit growth


  1. Good enter zone for long term dividend from 1.90 - 1.95 with DY more than 6 %

  2. As long as USD/MYR stay at high point, TIENWAH will have better position of their profitable as it is a export proceed earner.


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